IAVSD, the International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics, is bringing together researchers, scientists and engineers from academia and industry in the field of ground vehicle dynamics to exchange their latest ideas and research results.


Forthcoming Event28th IAVSD Symposium on the Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and on Tracks (IAVSD 2023)21-25 August 2023, Ottawa, Canada

Forthcoming Event5th IAVSD Workshop on Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks: Vehicle Predictive MaintenanceVirginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Previous Event27th IAVSD Symposium on the Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and on Tracks (IAVSD 2021)17-19 August 2021, St. Petersburg State Transport University, Russia (online)

Main objectives

To promote the development of the Science of Vehicle Dynamics, a discipline that is based upon the theory of motion of ground based vehicle systems, and to encourage engineering applications of this field of science.

To inform scientists and engineers on the current state-of-the-art in the field of Vehicle Dynamics, to provide a mechanism to communicate original contributions in this field among scholars and applied scientists and to motivate scientists and engineers in related fields to contribute to its body of knowledge.

To broaden contacts among persons and organisations of different countries engaged in scientific research and development in the field of Vehicle Dynamics and related fields, and to promote free and informal exchange of ideas and results. The Association does not exist to further any commercial goal.

Biennial symposia are held at selected locations around the world. The symposia provide a framework for free and informal exchange of ideas and results. The symposium proceedings have contributed greatly to a better understanding of ground vehicle system dynamics and related problems.

IAVSD aims to operate at the highest possible scientific and technical level.

The Journal Vehicle System Dynamics, International Journal of Vehicle Mechanics and Mobility, is designated as the official organ publishing the transactions of the Association.

IAVSD is a not for profit organisation and affiliated with the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM) and other scientific and engineering societies, which provide essential support from theoretical and applied engineering viewpoints.

Become a Member?

Simply attend the next IAVSD Symposium and you will be a Member of IAVSD until the IAVSD Symposium after next (usually for 4 years), or, get in contact with the Secretary General.
Benefits: you will be informed about the state-of-the-art in Vehicle Dynamics, get in contact and share experience with leading experts in this field of research, get discounts, etc.