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Launch of the redesigned IAVSD homepage
After the introduction of a printed Newsletter in 1988 as information medium, and iavsd.org in 2002, the IAVSD homepage was completely redesigned. Notes on the history of IAVSD and its official journal Vehicle System Dynamics have been added. News and Events will be updated regularly.

July 2020

Picture of Peter Lugner and Werner Schiehlen

Peter Lugner (TU Wien, Austria) and Werner Schiehlen (Univ. Suttgart, Germany)
Appointed Honorary Memembers of IAVSD in recognition of their outstanding contributions to IAVSD since the foundation of IAVSD and to the advance of the science of vehicle dynamics.


Both have supported the establishment and development of the Assciation very actively as IAVSD Board Members over many years.

Peter Lugner has been Editor of Vehicle System Dynamics, Werner Schiehlen is founding Editor of Multibody System Dynamics and was President of IUTAM. IAVSD is affiliated to IUTAM.

June 2020

Picture of venue of IAVSD 2021

27th IAVSD Symposium on the Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and on Tracks (IAVSD 2021)

The 27th IAVSD Symposium on the Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and on Tracks will be held at the St. Petersburg State Transport University, Russia, from 16-20 August 2021.

June 2020

Picture of Hans Pacejka and the cover of his famous book Tyre and Vehicle Dynamics

Hans B. Pacejka (1934–2017): a life in tyre mechanics
Co-Founder and fundament of both IAVSD and VSD

Obituary published in Vehicle System Dynamics in March 2020

June 2020

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